UTSA Institute of
Regenerative Medicine

Advancing transformative technologies and therapeutics in Regenerative Medicine

About Us

The IRM is a joint initiative emanating from the UTSA Colleges of Engineering and Sciences in conjunction with multiple entities throughout the San Antonio community to establish multidisciplinary teams combining academic, clinical, military, and biotechnological expertise to address grand challenges in Regenerative Medicine. We seek ground-breaking advances in basic and clinical research while educating students and young investigators in the multifaceted disciplines that make up the field of Regenerative Medicine.


Our Mission

Advancing fundamental knowledge toward developing transformative technologies and therapeutics in Regenerative Medicine while training future biomedical leaders and innovators to serve the health-related needs of civilian and military communities.

Our Vision

Establishing UTSA as the regional nexus of discovery and application of biomedical and biotechnical advances in Regenerative Medicine promoting human health and well-being.

Our Values

Scientific Integrity
Research Excellence
Education & Training
Equity & Diversity


The IRM encompasses a broad range of applications in Regenerative Medicine. However, initial work focuses on the following objectives: